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Final Draft

At the end of 2020, I started writing blogs for Final Draft. This turned into a weekly column analyzing historical-based films.

I've also been able to interview writers and directors to create blogs about their upcoming projects.

‘Thirteen Lives’ writer on turning true stories into emotional narratives

13 lives.jpg

Tim Kirkby talks ‘Last Looks’, directing actors, and making the jump from TV to film

last looks.jpg

'Worth’ examines the economic cost of a human life in the wake of tragedy


Why you should never say ‘I’ll be right back’ and other valuable lessons in 'Scream'


5 Screenwriting Takeaways: 'Shang-Chi' and how to develop a Marvel origin story

Shang chi.jpg

How ’12 Mighty Orphans’ tackles the sports genre with heart and inspiration

12 mighty orphans.jpg
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