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Starting in April 2018, I started a full-time position at Siemens Digital Software Industries. I'm currently a branding/communications and marketing writer. I do it all - I write blogs on the Siemens Xcelerator blog site, social media copy, ad copy, video scripts, internal newsletter, speechwriting and more. I'm also the creative producer for videos and manage two of the Xcelerator web pages. Below is a sample of my work.

Xcelerator: Adaptable and personalized solutions

Lessons from the racetrack: what we can learn from engineers working in an agile team


For small-to-medium-sized businesses, Xcelerator means thriving, not just surviving


Human-Centered Manufacturing - Powered by Xcelerator

3 things to know about IT/OT convergence (including what it is and why it matters)

it ot.jpg

What is digital transformation?

What is DX.jpg
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