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Sky Bird Travel

Starting in September 2015, I was brought in as the sole copywriter and marketing associate. From the get-go I was writing content for email broadcasts, trade show flyers, web content and social media. From here, I helped create campaigns to drive airfare ticket sales, make our presence more established on social media and started their blog sites.

I constantly collaborate with the marketing manager and design team to ensure strict deadlines are met and the highest quality of work is being presented.

Email Broadcasts

4 samples of e-mail broadcasts with the goal of making travel agents aware of Sky Bird's services and encouraging them to sign up with us. Because of these emails, and many more I had written, 2016 had the most amount of agent sign ups in the history of the company. The year-end email received considerably positive feedback thanks to its levity and uniqueness.


Part of a co-op email broadcast, I had to create content that was similar in tone and in line with Lufthansa's branding guidelines.

Social Media

I created a weekly campaign highlighting free things to do when traveling worldwide.  These weekly graphics are posted on social media.



An article I had written on traveling Baby Boomers appeared in the March/April issue of the travel industry magazine: Jax Fax.


Link to digital magazine (article starts on page 6):

Jax Fax March/April 2016 magazine

An article I had written to help sell Sky Bird's services as an airfare consolidator that appeared in the May 2017 issue of Travel Professional News.


Link to article; Page 22:

Reasons You Need a Consolidator


I was tasked with creating a 7 week campaign. I pitched this idea because it would have a consistent theme each week as we highlighted a new aspect of the business. This design would ensure that the benefits can be seen weekly.

I worked with the design team to help implement this idea to coincide with my vision.


Tasked with creating a double-sided, colorful, and informative flyer for trade shows, I worked with our lead graphic designer to create the concept and then wrote the copy highlighting both the benefits of Sky Bird's tour operations - Sky Vacations - as well as a popular destination.

Additional Writing

When a response to the terrorist attacks in Paris was needed, I was tasked with creating a sensitive and appropriate response.

I wrote this email broadcast which was sent out on behalf of the president of the company with the potential of reaching over 100,000 travel industry professionals .

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