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Life or Death



Ten strangers find themselves trapped in a house in the middle of nowhere, uncertain of how any arrived and unable to escape. They soon discover they're in a survivor's game of life or death where only two will be allowed to leave once eight die.


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When Santa Came To Town



Who is Santa Claus? The answer is Wallace Davis.

Each holiday season, Wallace plays the role of Santa Claus at his sister's toy store located in the heart of Village City. But after losing his full time job, struggling with a relationship that can't seem to get off the ground and finding out that a friend's young child seems ready to give up on believing in Santa altogether, Wallace is asking himself, where is the Christmas spirit?

But on one special night, Wallace is visited by the real Santa Claus who whisks him off to the North Pole in order to attend a three-day workshop for those who play the role of Santa at shopping malls and stores all across the country. It provides them with the tools and understanding on how to rekindle the Christmas spirit back in their hometowns.

But is it too late for Village City?

For Wallace, it's a journey that starts like a dream, evolves into something magical and becomes a truly extraordinary adventure. The spirit of Christmas comes alive when Santa comes to town.


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The Peppermill Murders

* Screencraft 2018 Cinematic Book Quarterfinalist *

ISBN: 978-1491231951


Somewhere between the Rocky Mountains and the amber waves of grain is a dark blue water tower at the center of a town called Peppermill. But this quiet town, once peaceful, is no longer as it once was known.


For James Wyatt, he sees evil, corruption and immorality plaguing his hometown. His obsessive desire to make Peppermill a better place for him and his family fuels an internal force to rid the town of its sins. This desire quietly manifests itself in an underground dungeon cut off from the rest of the world. It is here that James forces his victims to contemplate the impact they are having in the world before he rids the world of them.


When his teenage daughter, Amber, begins to show signs of these same sins, he feels he is losing the battle. As a parent, he struggles to distinguish her above the others but can he change her and save his only child or is she destined to become like the rest?


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My Funny Old Soul Mate

ISBN:  978-1475952377


Being a waitress at thirty was never part of Annie Ferguson's plan. Neither was feeling trapped in a relationship with a man she wasn't sure she was in love with anymore. As she examines her life she finds she's heading down a path she doesn't want to travel and must correct it before it's too late.

The spark has disappeared in Annie and Andre's relationship, and she knows she can either attempt to rekindle the fire or reluctantly accept that the relationship has run its course. During this trying period in her life, Annie befriends Jon, an unemployed Boston transplant who lives across the hall, and Bill, a kind, reclusive older gentleman who frequents the diner where Annie works. Widowed with children who refuse to speak to him, Bill sees Annie as the daughter he could have a relationship with and challenges her to find her true self and rediscover her dreams.

As Annie, Jon and Bill deal with their own internal struggles they form an unexpected bond; one that is threatened to be broken up by distance if they each follow the path that would truly make them happy.

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The Ten-Day Forecast

ISBN-13: 978-1440156991

In a perfect world, you grow up. You go to college. You marry your high school sweetheart. You get a job. And you raise a family. When none of that goes according to plan, there's always the ten-day forecast.

Drew is the average Midwestern kid who grows up with dreams of experiencing a life outside of his comfort zone. His escape comes when he is accepted to an out-of-state college only to find when he returns that life has moved on without him. He reflects on the high school sweetheart that broke his heart and learns that, it doesn't matter how life changes a person, there is no getting over your first love...or any love thereafter. Drew discovers that the closest people in his life were the ones that were always there for him. And the one he wants the most seems millions of miles away.

For Drew, life is all about finding out that the expectation and the ideal are polar opposites. On the eve of his wedding night, Drew looks back on his friendships and relationships to find that sometimes doing the unexpected can lead to an ideal path. And if that doesn't work, then there is always the ten-day forecast.

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Paid Assignments

I've been contracted to write novels and e-books and have had to meet tight deadlines while providing a large quantity of creative content.


There are some projects I cannot contractually showcase but here are four that I can.

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